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About Momentum Payment Systems

Momentum Payment Systems was established for the purpose of providing electronic payment processing solutions and other value-added services to small and medium-sized retail merchants throughout the United States.

Our management team has over seventy years of combined experience in the electronic transaction processing industry. We have developed strategic relationships with some of the industry’s best companies, and we have partnered with a company to process our merchants’ transactions that has been in business for more than fifteen years. Our strategic partner currently provides service to more than 140,000 merchants nationwide, which, in turn, allows us the ability to provide the highest quality of services to our merchants at tremendous values.

At Momentum Payment Systems, our mission is simple:

  • To create a unique and rewarding opportunity for our company representatives and merchants
  • To build lasting relationships with our merchants, our company representatives and our vendors
  • To operate within the highest standards of ethics and service

We intend to fulfill this mission by focusing on the value and importance of each individual and merchant we come in contact with. These philosophies serve as the foundation for Momentum Payment Systems. Our goal is to provide excellent service to and positively impact the lives of merchants throughout the United States.

We have founded Momentum on principles of ethics and integrity. We will strive to use the following as a guide in all our business endeavors:

  • Pride – We desire that our company representatives be proud of Momentum, and that we treat every person we come across with dignity and respect.
  • Patience – We are committed to a long-term vision, not short-term results, which in turn foster ethical business practices.
  • Persistence – We will stand by our word and be totally committed to promises made.
  • Perspective – We intend to take time to reflect on the direction the Company is headed to ensure that we achieve our objectives.

Our customer service philosophy is very simple:

 Always treat each merchant with dignity and respect, which is exactly how we would like to be treated if we were placed in their shoes. We strive to apply this philosophy to every situation in which we are dealing with a merchant, a vendor or a representative. It is our desire to build lasting merchant relationships; and we believe it all starts with the first company representative who has contacts with a merchant.

Momentum Payment Systems is part of the Encore Payment Systems family of processing companies with offices in Houston and Dallas, Texas.

Executive Management Team

Mark Harrelson  Chief Sales Officer
Greg Robertson Chief Operations Officer
Blake Pyle Chief Financial Officer
John Crouch Chief Information Officer


Ben Sparks Vice President of Sales
Robel Sebany Vice President of Operations
Brian McNatt Vice President of Finance

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Momentum Payment Systems Is a registered ISO/MSP of Deutsche Bank AG, New York, Yew York.