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Merchant Business Solutions

Your business may be retail, internet-based, or a hybrid of the two. Offering your customers a variety of payment methods can lead to significant increases in revenue, while also improving customer service. Momentum's merchant business solutions can help you succeed no matter your processing needs.

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eCommerce Processing and Payment Solutions

eCommerce / Online Processing

You are a new online business or are ready to open an online sales channel for your bricks-and-mortar business. Either way it's the most efficient marketplace the world has ever known. Our total eCommerce online processing solutions can help increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

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Retail Processing Solutions


Small office, storefront retail, mobile retailers, grocery, automotive. Momentum can create a custom solution for almost any business. Process credit cards, gift certificates, checks and more.

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Restaurant Processing Systems

Restaurant and Food Service

Given a choice, customers use credit cards and debit as often as cash. Momentum processes both and delivers cash to your account without fear of chargebacks or bouncing checks. Consider a wireless solution to take orders and settle payments right at the table, with suggested tips and receipt printout.

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Telephone Order Processing Solutions

Telephone Orders

Just because you aren't on Main Street doesn't mean you can't accept the purchase options any other store provides. Take checks, debit cards, credit and gift cards without laying eyes on your customer. Customers feel it is the safe, convenient way to buy, and they'll spend more when you offer them these options.

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Mail Order Merchant Processing Services

Mail Order

Sell convenience to make your business more valuable to your customers. Fax, mail, phone orders can be cleared today without needing to handle a customer's credit card. You just need a Momentum Virtual Terminal or POS terminal hardware and you can do business better than the competition.

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Lodging and Hotel Merchant Processing Solutions


Your valuable property is staffed, shining, and ready to serve, but you can't take checks? 50% of your customers think debit and check acceptance moves your business to the next level. Polish your efforts by giving customers the same payment options they use everywhere else.

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