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Merchant Solutions for Hotels and Lodging

Merchant Solutions for Hotels and Lodging Remove the Ceiling From Your Hotel, Motel or Bed and Breakfast.

More than half of your customers think accepting checks and debit transactions takes your lodge to the next level of service. They appreciate the little touches that make you unique. Your property is valuable. You have a professional staff, who keep it shining, and ready to serve, but you can't take checks? You can add sparkle to your efforts by treating your guests like guests. Let them feel like they are the most important part of your business. Give them the same options and alternatives they use with other services.

We Provide Merchant Solutions Tailored To Your Property

  • The lodging industry is unique. Momentum crafts a custom system just for you
  • Management and staff find the new systems easy to learn and a dream to use
  • Industry leading fraud protection processes
  • Reporting that actually helps you grow your profits
  • Future-proofed: Magnetic stripes are the standard, but don't forget the new challenger. Smart card support integration prepares you for the newest trends
  • Built in age verification helps protect your investment

Finally Realize the Full Potential of Your Property

  • Easily manage both front desk and back office processes in compliance with MasterCard, Visa, and American Express protocols for lodging
  • Momentum offers customized applications giving you a complete range of credit card processing capabilities in individual or hub-and-satellite operations
  • Guaranteed checks and debit transactions are hassle free ways to put cash into your business
  • Let e-commerce work for you. Secure reservations by credit card from anywhere on the globe. Twenty four hours a day, year round
  • Choices: Your guests can pay room charges on the card they used at check-in, or transfer the charge to an alternate payment type
  • Gift and loyalty cards help ensure that your frequent visitors select your property instead of the competition

Our commitment to customer satisfaction makes a clear difference - once you've experienced the difference you'll never accept anything less.

Start the account setup process in minutes; get your new merchant account within a couple of days.

  • Stay with your existing equipment solution or we can help you move up to a new standard
  • Industry leading pricing, and the best service anywhere.

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