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Credit Card Payment Systems for Telephone Orders

Merchant Payment Systems for Telephone OrdersYour telephone order business is unique, let your customers see the advantages of that.

You don't have a store front on Main Street, but that doesn't mean your customers have to be limited in their payment options. You can accept the same payment forms that any other store provides. Accept debit card, major credit cards, checks and gift cards, even if you never stand face to face with your customer. Shoppers feel secure and love the convenience of buying by phone, and they tend to spend more with you when you let them have more options. Did you know that just accepting credit cards alone (not to mention all the other great options) can grow your business by 30%? Momentum will hep you grab that growth with a system that is custom crafted for your unique business. You can use any bank account to receive your cash, and you can transfer to other accounts with ease.

Performance to set you apart

  • Momentum delivers secure virtual terminals or terminals for home-based POS transactions used with manual key entry only; there is no need to swipe the card. Secure, simple to learn and easy to use.
  • Accept checks electronically in seconds and create new sales.
  • Enhanced reporting reduces human error makes your business seamless
  • Debit cards are expected to generate more than 20 Billion transactions annually.
  • Don't forget Gift and Loyalty cards. They are a fantastic way to let your most loyal customers become sales staff for your business by bringing friends and relatives to your business.
  • We offer several lease finance options
  • Fast application approval.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction makes a clear difference - once you've experienced the difference you'll never accept anything less.

Start the account setup process in minutes; get your new merchant account within a couple of days.

  • Stay with your existing equipment solution or we can help you move up to a new standard
  • Industry leading pricing, and the best service anywhere.

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