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Electronic Check Conversion and Guarantee

Check Conversion and GuaranteeAmericans write more than 167 million checks, accounting for 34% of all consumer noncash purchase payments by 2005, totaling $2.4 trillion. Merchant's with the Momentum check conversion and guarantee program save on banking and accounting cost and can significantly reduce losses from bad checks.

How does it work?

Scan a customer's check using a Momentum payment system and receive a quick approval that guarantees the check. With this approval Momentum accepts full responsibility for the payment of the check, you get the cash. The check is automatically deposited into your business checking account.

Accepting checks drives sales up. Using Momentum Check Clearance drives risk down and cash directly into your account fast.

Save time with electronic check conversion.

  • No more time consuming trips to the bank
  • No more bank deposit fees
  • No more bank NSF fees
  • No more lost revenue from bounced checks
  • No more lost time trying to collect "bad" checks

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