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Credit Card Processing - American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club & JCB

Credit Card ProcessingStop selling on price alone and start selling convenience and service. Businesses accepting noncash purchase payments have seen increased revenue by more than 30% in a year. With Momentum you can accept nearly any card your customer carries today.

The return on investment couldn't be clearer

Noncash payments are a valuable purchase option for both traditional and non-traditional businesses.

Accepting credit cards encourages consumer purchasing and stimulates customer impulse buying, typically increasing the average amount spent by consumers.

In association with MasterCard and Visa, Momentum Payment Systems is licensed and certified on behalf of our member banks. We can accept your application quickly and ship your hardware the same day in most cases. 98% of businesses are approved.

To provide credit card payment options to your customers, you will need to request authorization from their card issuer via Momentum and the customers sponsoring bank. Using terminal hardware or a computer based virtual terminal allows you to pass your request for authentication into the processing network. Approval is then passed back to you and the purchase can be delivered with confidence. Your money is transferred into your account within hours.

Some valuable features and options:

  • Signature capture - be tough on chargebacks
  • Age verification - protect your business
  • Fraud protection
  • Reporting that advances your business

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